The Expert Network

The yellow page for the new age, Zonar is an app-based marketplace, allowing the consumer to select from a list of simple categories to find individuals with the skills they need.

Local To You

Zonar provides its users with a list of Experts in the area around them, so that you don’t have to go across town when what you’re looking for is next door.

Here and Now

You can see who’s online now and how far away they are to get the Expert you need when you need them.

Take It With You

Zonar is able to show you experts on the go, wherever you are.


Find tried and trusted Experts with the qualifications you need.

SOS Messages

Send a message to multiple experts simultaneously!

Friends and Family

Get recommendations directly from those in your contact & friend lists.

Market Your Skills!

Got a Skill? Add a listing and market it to your local community!







Be a Beta Tester!

Send us a message for your beta testing invite.